Brick x Brick: Time + Space Limited’s Indiegogo Campaign

Time + Space in Hudson
Time + Space Limited in Hudson

Hudson bills itself as “The Walkable City,” but city and state funding for its wide, fully-paved sidewalks is only available for the major streets in commercial areas that already see foot traffic.

The longtime grassroots arts organization Time + Space Limited is located on Columbia Street, a major truck route through the city, and its rubble and pothold-strewn sidewalks have been decimated by years of heavy commercial traffic. Linda Mussmann and Claudia Bruce, TSL’s co-founders and co-directors, lobbied New York State and City of Hudson organizations for months to replace the sidewalks, to no avail.

Last fall, in a quest to make their neighborhood more accessible for wheelchairs, strollers and pedestrians, they decided to take on the project themselves, leaving them with a $30,000 bill — a hefty price for a not-for-profit arts organization that runs on a shoestring budget.

Now TSL is hoping to raise $35,000 through its current Indiegogo campaign, which runs through Tuesday (March 31), to cover the cost of the sidewalk along with fees and rewards. All donations are tax deductible, and rewards will include TSL memberships and invitations to an exclusive event for “sidewalk sponsors.”

For over 40 years, Time & Space Limited has been using avant-garde theater, art and community action to inspire positive change. TSL offers experiences that enrich and awaken the Hudson community, including live theater, opera, foreign and independent film, public forums, educational events and youth programming including theater, art and film. As a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) organization, TSL is supported by a grassroots constituency of members, individual donations and minimal grants from local, state, and national organizations. In a testament to TSL’s influence in the community, activist Stan Goff called TSL “a prime example of the importance of art in any community.”

New sidewalks being installed last fall.
New sidewalks being installed last fall.
Claudia Bruce and Linda Mussmann
Claudia Bruce and Linda Mussmann
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