Let the Madness Begin! NYS Music’s March Madness, That Is…


Have you filled out your brackets yet?

No, not your NCAA Basketball Championship brackets. No, we mean NYS Music’s March Madness brackets, which finds 64 bands from Upstate New York battling for supremacy. And the winners are determined by your online votes.

The competitors are broken down into four “regions” based on genres of music – Funk/Jam/Reggae, Metal/Rock, Bluegrass/Folk/Americana and Indie/EDM/Other. Each region finds 16 Upstate New York bands battling it out to reach the Final Four and ultimately claim this year’s title. Bands were selected by NYS Music’s editors and writers based on their popularity in their respective genres.

Not surprisingly, the Local 518 is well represented in the brackets – including such faves as Hard Soul, Conehead Buddha, Blotto, Mirk, the Sea the Sea, Stigmata, North & South Dakotas, Formula 5, Titanics, Sean Rowe, Eastbound Jesus, Jesus Christ & the Hallucinogenic Allstars, Northern Faces, Lucky Jukebox Brigade and lots more.

In fact, Nippertown-based bands are sometimes battling against each other in the brackets, as is the case with Phantogram vs. Stockade Kids; Lucid vs. Mister F; Skinless vs. Wild Adriatic.

Voting for the first round is now open. Deadline for Round One voting is 12midnight on Thursday (March 19). Round two begins on Friday (March 20).

Let your voice be heard…

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