The Razzies Eclipse Oscar Nominees with Biggest Winners “Annie,” “The Interview,” Kirk Cameron, Kellan Lutz [Berkshire on Stage]

Jennifer Aniston iis thrilled she’s up for a Razzie Redeemer Award as most improved.
Jennifer Aniston is thrilled she’s up for a Razzie Redeemer Award as Most Improved.

By Larry Murray

When the nominees for the Worst Movie of the Year were announced by the RAZZIES, all five nominees were The Interview, so they started over again and came up with equally deserving horror shows: Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas, Left Behind, The Legend of Hercules, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Transformers: Age of Extinction.

As the only truly democratic major film “honors,” the RAZZIE Awards are unique in that the nominees and “winners” are not dictated by film critics or film professionals, but by “ordinary movie-goers” just like you, who also vote in this down-to-earth event. We like to think of ourselves as discerning and not easily fooled by the Hollywood celebrity machine. You need more than good red carpet skills and a photogenic figure to make us swoon. Or plunk down ten bucks to see you in some insipid movie.

My choice for worst film of the year, the remake of Annie, (read my condemnation) worked hard to earn its two nominations for the 35th Annual Razzie Awards, satirizing the worst achievements in film for 2014.

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