New 2014 Film “Annie” Fails to Improve on Classic Staged “Annie” [Berkshire on Stage]

As of December 1, “Annie,” starring Jamie Foxx and Quvenzhané Wallis, has been illegally downloaded by over 184,000 unique IP addresses.

Report by Larry Murray

They’re blaming all the troubles over at Sony Pictures on Kim Jong-un and The Interview, an upcoming picture about North Korea’s weird leader. A Pyongyang spokesman denied that their regime played any part in the hack attack earlier this month, and I believe them. The most damaging aspect is that copies of DVD screeners of four unreleased Sony movies including Annie, which is slated for wide release this week, are getting some unwelcome early exposure. The multi-title leak is part of actions protesting The Interview, with James Franco and Seth Rogen, by a group called #GOP(Guardians of Peace) and likely related to the hacking. Many of the leaked copies are watermarked. They showed up on file-sharing services, followed quickly by a flood of corporate data that no one at Sony Pictures ever intended to make public.

But all of that has little to do with our reaction to this new Annie except to make its official debut and this report a little less significant.

I think the purists who love the musical Annie will be even more up in arms at the mutilations Sony and director Will Gluck have wrought in this classic musical – cringe-worthy changes that take pandering to public taste to new heights. As my colleague over at Broadway World, Matt Tamanini, writes in his review, “The ‘Annie’ Remake is Bad, But Not Nearly as Bad as You Think.”

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