Other Voices: New Live Music Venue Poll

The Google Street View of 69 North Pearl Street, Albany
The Google Street View of 69 North Pearl Street, Albany

Here’s an interesting post from Steve Barnes’ Table Hopping blog:

Chris Pratt, who co-owns multiple bars in Albany, including two on North Pearl Street, tells me he is interested in opening a music venue at 69 North Pearl St. The space is the former home of Buddha Tea House, which yesterday had its liquor license canceled by the State Liquor Authority to satisfy charges filed after three altercations at the club earlier this year.

While this is all extremely preliminary, Pratt says would like to gauge public interest in a music venue similar to Upstate Concert Hall (the former Northern Lights) in Clifton Park Helsinki, Hudson in Hudson and Vapor in Saratoga Springs. This would be a place to see live music or comedy, not a nightclub or restaurant, which Pratt hopes will make the city most receptive to the idea. Pratt says he has yet to hear back from Mayor Kathy Sheehan’s office about whether he should pursue it. (He previously wanted to open a music venue in Albany’s warehouse district but couldn’t get zoning approval; 69 North Pearl already has the necessary zoning, though a cabaret license would be needed.)

GO HERE to add your voice to a poll indicating how often you would patronize a new live music venue in downtown Albany…

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  1. Vinny N. says

    A great idea if it’s done right. It would be much more convenient. Personally, I hate having to go to Clifton Park to see a show. This would also benefit other downtown businesses.

  2. KRS says

    Rumor has it Saratoga is getting a new music hall soon run by Tommy Nicchi (Alive at Five, Tulip Fest, LarkFest).

  3. OswegoMatt says

    I wouldn’t open any sort of live music venue right now with the potential of a Hard Rock Casino coming in. Seems to me they would have the power/money to do whatever they want. I’m sure Step Up and the UCH are a little nervous about this too.

    KRS are you talking about the Newberry Music Hall? New (old) venue, I’m not sure who’s running that place.

  4. Jam Head says

    It’s not Bob Millis, is it?
    I hear he’s hunting for a room

  5. Laura says

    do you mean the newbury music hall? Because that’s public now.
    Downtown Albany desperately needs a music hall. Hard rock, I doubt, would book similar acts.

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