LIVE: Deb Cavanaugh @ Caffe Lena, 11/16/14


Review and video by Joel Patterson

I’m one of these people who thinks that music is an enormously powerful influence. Surprise, surprise. I believe the songs we grow up with worm their way into our genetic code, and so a well done cover song taps into realms of feeling and devotion living right at the core of who we are. There’s more than nostalgia at work here – there’s something primal, touching on our very identities, revisiting past circumstances and coming to our emotional rescue.

Deb Cavanaugh’s CD release party at Caffé Lena on November 16 was all about her original songs and her innovative approach of including spoken word memoirs detailing her adventures along the way, but it was the covers that launched the packed house into reveries of bliss and wonderment, reminding us of the unseen umbilical cord that unites us all.

NOTE: Deb Cavanaugh will be performing with Brenda Fisher and Kevin Smith at Emack & Bolio’s in Albany at 7pm on Friday (December 12).

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