LIVE: The Amsterdam Halloween Parade, 10/25/14


The Amsterdam Halloween Parade

Review and photographs by Stanley Johnson

I took a walk with the living dead along Guy Park Avenue in Amsterdam on Saturday (October 25). Not only were there zombies everywhere, but all kinds of ghosts, vampires, werewolves and fairy princesses, too. It was the City of Amsterdam’s annual Halloween Parade, and the weather was too nice to be spooky.

I walked with Abigail (dressed as an eskimo maid) and her elementary school group from Barkley Microsociety in Division 2 of the parade. Others groups in the division included McNulty Academy, Techler Arts in Education, St. Mary’s Institute, Marie Curie Institute, Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts and the Amsterdam High School Cheerleaders.

Being in the second division meant that we missed seeing all of the first, which included the police and fire departments, the Elks, the mayor, Miss Mohawk Valley and Miss Fonda Fair, not to mention a ton of politicians who were all taking full advantage of the parade in the week before elections.

Other divisions in the parade included St. Mary’s Healthcare, which had a float full of rock and roll doctors cranking out classic rock. The Knights of Columbus, the Sheriff’s Department, the library, the Yellow Cab company, Capone’s Vault, Alteri’s Auto, the YMCA, SPCA, the Amsterdam High Marching Rams and County Line Stables all participated. Buzzing all around the parade were riders of Spike’s Trikes, including a zombie and Santa Claus.

But the good part of being in the second division meant that once we were done marching we could watch the other three divisions. Abigail was delighted to dive for the candy that was being tossed by the various groups. We also discovered that the best place to get lots of candy was near the beginning of the parade route, because most kids who were carrying the candy tossed out handfulls at the start of the parade only to have little left to toss by the end of the parade.

Oh well, I expect Abigail will get plenty on her trick or treat rounds on Halloween night.







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