Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominees Announced


The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has announced 15 nominees for possible induction in the Class of 2015.

Inductees will be determined by more than 700 artists, historians and music-industry professionals. For the third year, you can also participate in the process by casting your votes through Tuesday, December 9 at the official Rock Hall site. The top five vote-getters will make up a fans’ ballot, which counts as a single vote.

Artists are eligible for Hall of Fame consideration 25 years after releasing their first single or album (no later than 1989). The induction ceremony will be held on Saturday April 18 in Cleveland, the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

The nominees include only two British artists – the Smiths and Sting (who has already been inducted as a member of the Police) – and one German band (Kraftwerk). The remaining dozen nominees are all American.

Here’s the list of nominees:

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Green Day (first time nomineee; first year of eligibility)
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
The Marvelettes
Nine Inch Nails (first time nominee; first year of eligibility)
Lou Reed
The Smiths (first time nominee)
The Spinners
Sting (first time nominee)
Stevie Ray Vaughan (first time nominee)
Bill Withers (first time nominee)

OVERLOOKED AGAIN THIS YEAR: Los Lobos, the Moody Blues, the Pixies, NRBQ, the Cars, Weird Al Yankovic, Todd Rundgren, Judas Priest, the Replacements, Cheap Trick, Yes, Chubby Checker, Blue Oyster Cult…

  1. kirsten says

    I voted for Joan Jett, Lou Reed, Kraftwerk, Chic and NWA.

    So far, leading the fan ballots are:

    Stevie Ray Vaughan 19.55%
    Green Day 15.94%
    Nine Inch Nails 8.95%
    Joan Jett & the Blackhearts 8.47%
    Lou Reed 8.30%
    Sting 7.54%
    The Smiths 6.41%
    Bill Withers 4.98%
    War 3.93%
    N.W.A 3.62%
    The Spinners 3.05%
    Kraftwerk 2.93%
    The Paul Butterfield Blues Band 2.46%
    The Marvelettes 2.37%
    Chic 1.51%

  2. bob says

    WTF? No Warren Zevon again..

  3. Dave Render says

    …and still no CHICAGO!

  4. Roger Green says

    At bare minimum, Chic belongs in the non-performer section as producers.
    My vote: Butterfield, Chic, Jett, NWA, Reed

  5. seymour says

    Green Day and still no Replacements. How stupid.

    Why not just nominate a Ramones cover band instead.

  6. kirsten says

    Nile Rodgers is the man. I don’t think his contribution to modern music has ever been fully recognized. Chic was hugely influential. Would hip hop have ever taken off without Sugarhill Gang sampling “Good Times”? He and Edwards wrote a ton of hits for other people… Sister Sledge, Diana Ross, etc. And I’m sure didn’t get full writing credit on a lot of things they had a major hand in.

  7. Gene says

    Stevie Ray, Joan Jett, Lou Reed, Chic, and NIN.

  8. Richard Brody says

    And once again no Richard Thompson. Someone please explain this omission to me.

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