One-Woman Tour de Force “Mom Baby God” Addresses Reproductive Rights [Berkshire on Stage]

Madeline Burrows in Mom Baby God, a one woman show.
Madeline Burrows in “Mom Baby God,” a one-woman show.

By Larry Murray

Over the millenia, theater has often been on the cusp of debate and change in society. In the past it was the ancient Greeks who used theater to bring its far flung civilization together, and in the process invented the tragedy. Of course sometimes they went a bit too far. Phrynichus wrote a play titled The Fall of Miletus and when performed on stage the whole theater fell to weeping; this so upset the politicians that they fined Phrynichus a thousand drachmas for bringing to mind a calamity that affected them so personally, and forbade the performance of that play forever.

That’s sort of odd since any play that is able to bring the cool audiences of today to the verge of tears is more likely to get a standing ovation than the hook. Les Misérables is a good example, and perhaps that is why people either love it or hate it.

In recent times, reparative therapy for gays has been acknowledged as being cruel and ineffective, and those who support it seen as forcing their beliefs an others. A few months ago The Great Wilderness was on stage at the Williamstown Theatre Festival, the misguided Samuel Hunter play looking at the human side of those sweet old men who conduct gay conversion therapy. It received markedly mixed reviews.

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