Festival Fever: Scumfest 2014 in Duanesburg on Sunday


Remember the ’80s?

Some of you longtime Local 518 music fans may recall Scumfest, a punk fest that took place back in 1982.

Well, even punks get nostalgic, and last year some of those same musicians – as well as those inspired by them – got together for Scumfest II out in Berne.

Apparently, a great deal of fun was had by all, so they’re doin’ it again. Scumfest 2014 is slated for 12noon on Sunday (August 31) at 618 Humphrey Roadd in Duanesburg – about as far away from the once thriving downtown punk scene as you could possibly get. Admission is a $13 donation, which includes a catered meal (?!?). And while we’re on the topic of things un-punk, we were horrified to hear that some of the bands were actually rehearsing for the fest.

At latest report, the bands slated to ratchet it up for ScumFest 2014 include:

Aggressive Response
Bourbon Scum
Capitle (reunion)
Chloroform Party
Lumpen Proles (reunion)
Phantom Signals
Sadistic Gerbils


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  1. William says

    In interest of clarification:
    The first Scumfest was in outer Niskayuna, bordering the Mohawk River, which felt at the time to be “possibly the farthest you can get” from the downtown Albany scene.
    Also,horrifying as it may seem, punk bands, or ANY bands do occasionally rehearse.
    Also also, punk bands do eat. Perhaps these comments were tongue in cheek or meant to get a laugh, but I felt a bit of condensation. There.

  2. Greg says


    Sorry if my attempt at wry commentary pissed you off. That was certainly not my intention. I just thought that a veteran band like the Proles would still had an inherent sense of humor about revisiting their music of three decades ago.

    PS: Missed you at the Blotto reunion at the Low Beat last week. Thought you might have brought your sax.

  3. William says

    No foul/no harm Greggie.I’m actually in Virginia Beach. Sorry I couldn’t do the Blotto gig

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