LIVE: Dubl Handi @ Caffe Lena, 5/30/14



Photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

What exactly is Dubl Handi, anyway?

Well, it’s the brand name of a washboard manufactured in Ohio by the Columbus Washboard Company. (Yes, there is still an American factory that manufactures washboards…)

Ah, but when you put a Dubl Handi washboard in the hands of percussionist Brian Geltner and pair him up with frailing banjo player Hilary Hawke (both of whom have played with the fab M Shanghai String Band) and guitarist Jon LaDeau, well then, you’ve got Dubl Handi, the band, scrubbing out some of the finest traditional and old-timey banjo music comin’ out of Brooklyn these days…

Dubl Handi



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  1. Sarah says

    I’ve been listening to their CD every time I get in the car since that show. Everything they play is modernized just enough to make it rock, while still hanging on to the backporch feel. Super photos, Andrzej!

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