Other Voices, Other Rooms…


From The Daily Gazette: Bill Buell’s feature story on Nipper, who’s been standing guard and keeping vigil over downtown Albany for 60 years…

From the Huffington Post: Katherine Brooks offers her list of “13 of the Best New York Art Spots That Aren’t in NYC,” including Saratoga Springs’ Yaddoo Artist Community, Beacon’s Dia: Beacon, Ghent’s OMI International Arts Center and New Windsor’s Storm King Arts Center.

From Wired: Michael Calore’s story about the ways in which Phish bassist Mike Gordon is playfully bending the rock concert rules on his current audience-interactive tour, which makes a stop at the Bearsville Theater in Woodstock on Sunday night (March 30).

From WGXC-FM: A podcast of Tim Livingston’s monthly “Radio Warfare” radio show, originally broadcast on Tuesday, March 25 features lots of vintage garage rock, classic punk, power pop and selections from local faves such as Pete Labonne and Nightmares for a Week. Fab bonus: David Werner’s “Whizz Kids.” Rock on…

From Deep Trance Art Blog: Local 518 artist George Guarino has posted some cool photos of his digital collages that were projected four-stories tall on the outdoor walls of Upstate Artists Guild in conjunction with the performance art/installation “Aleister Takes Over the Machine” at the Machine Artists Co-Op last week as part of the First Friday arts walk.

From Kickstarter: Pete Mason – regular Nippertown contributor – has cranked up a campaign to raise funds for his upcoming children’s book, “A Well Traveled Dog,” the first in a series of books about his trusty canine companion, Halley. Mason has previously authored “PhanArt: The Art of the Fans of Phish” and “The Evolution of the War Film Genre: From Westerns and World War II to Vietnam.” Deadline to contribute is Tuesday, April 8.

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