LIVE: The Matthew Shipp Trio @ the Sanctuary for Independent Media, 3/15/14


The Matthew Shipp Trio

Photographs by Jonathan Flanders

Quite the celebration it was! It was the kick-off concert of the Sanctuary for Independent Media’s spring season. And it was the debut of the Sanctuary’s new nine-foot Baldwin grand piano, which was still being unwrapped just hours before the performance.

And who better to inaugurate the 88 than acclaimed jazzman Matthew Shipp and his trio featuring drummer Whit Dickey and Troy native-bass master Michael Bisio. The Sanctuary had sponsored a concert by the trio four years ago at Troy’s Arts Center for the Capital Region, and that concert ended up on Shipp’s Art of the Improviser album a year later.

But this time around they were playing at the Sanctuary, and they were celebrating the release of their new album, Root of Things, with a thought-provoking performance that was both meditative and edgy, adventurous and accessible.

New Release Rack: The Matthew Shipp Trio’s “The Root of Things”

The Matthew Shipp Trio

The Matthew Shipp Trio

The Matthew Shipp Trio

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  1. Michael Bisio says

    Hi Jon,

    Thank you for the beautiful photos and kind words.
    Steve sent a google link of all the photos and I’m wondering if you’d give me permission to use one on my site ? I’d like to use #36, which is also the middle one here. If you’re agreeable please send a web res version to

    I would use it on the top portion of this page with credit of course

    Thank you

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