Who’s Bad? Rockin’ On the River?


For the past couple of years, Troy’s free Wednesday evening summer concert series Rockin’ On the River has been a parade of tribute bands. And this summer may not be any different, if the first announcement of the season is any indication…

Who’s Bad?, the Michael Jackson tribute band who played the Troy concert series in 2012, will be returning again on Wednesday, August 13, according to the band’s website.

  1. Sarah says

    Love rocking on the river. My friends and I seriously look forward to it so much and I personally have more fun wednesday night there than I do on the weekends. Really love the tributes of dave mathews band, pearly jam, Michael Jackson, and opening with hair of the dog is always great!

  2. Jam Head says


    (I just threw up in my mouth; knowing that this thing will once again be filled with his kind of garbage)

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