LIVE: lastdayshining @ Troy Cloth & Paper, 2/28/14


Story and video by Joel Patterson

If the phrase “post-rock” doesn’t mean much of anything to you, feel free to join my club. Apparently, we’ve been left out of the latest revolution, because the term is widely understood to refer to bands that, with the lights dim and some accompanying visuals, create expansive, churning soundscapes: music that lopes along with steady, sweeping, melancholy beauty, erupting in thunder sometimes. Instrumental, so you’re not distracted from your phantasms and inspirations.

Lastdayshining has taken this genre and given us its purest form – four guitars, a drummer and a glimpse into the cosmic unknown. Okay, it was just a band playing their tunes at Troy Cloth & Paper during Troy Night Out, but there was something of the ceremony about it, exhilaration and beer. Based, of course, in Albany, at the center of the universe otherwise known as Nippertown.

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