The Corey Aldrich Fundraiser @ Lucas Confectionery, 3/2/14

On the mend: Corey Aldrich
On the mend: Corey Aldrich

Story by Duncan Crary

Corey Aldrich is a talented brand & marketing manager, an avid arts advocate, a community cheerleader, a snappy dresser and an extraordinary red head.

He is also the ultimate LOL’er.

No one in Troy escapes his roaring cachinnation. And it is contagious, in the way good things are supposed to be contagious.

But he had a major accident back in November that put him out of commission for the last few months. And the city is a little quieter these days, in the way cities are not supposed to be quiet.

On Sunday (March 2) from 6-10pm, friends of Corey are bringing back the laughter to this place. This is an event to help Corey get back on his feet and help the city get back into the spirit of things. There will be live entertainment, a silent auction, a reading, wine and light refreshments.

Corey is one among many stylish and scrappy self-employed characters who enliven the Collar City.

So if you’re another alley cat out there, or if you just have a fondness for those of us who prowl around town making mirth, please swing by Lucas Confectionery in Troy this Sunday for a rollicking good time.

Entertainment at the Corey Aldrich Fundraiser will include a musical performances by C. Ryder Cooley and Erin Harkes, short plays and stories by Richard Lovrich and a reading by Michael Oatman of his new children’s book, “Tiny Pie.” Artists contributing work to the silent auction include Michael P. Farrell, Abe Ferraro, Tony Iadicicco, Willie Marlowe, Dorothea Osborn, RADICAL!, Jason Schultz and Alana Sparrow. Admission is $25.

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