Name Game: The New “Valentine’s Music Hall” Has a New Name…


Yes, Howe Glassman’s new venue – located at 335 Central Avenue in Albany (next door to Pauly’s Hotel) – finally has its moniker, the Low Beat, named after the Young Fresh Fellows’ 1992 album, It’s Low Beat Time. (Not coincidentally, Glassman’s radio show on WEXT-FM – heard at 10pm on Sundays – is titled “The Fabulous Sounds,” named after the Young Fresh Fellows’ 1984 album, The Fabulous Sounds of the Pacific Northwest.

No official opening has been announced yet for the new club, and in the meantime, Glassman’s Valentine’s Music Hall is still open and pumping out the live rock…

Check out Albany Proper for an array of photos from the Low Beat…

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  1. Fred says

    Can’t wait. Hope Blotto plays something good in the new venue this spring.

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