England’s National Theatre Production of “War Horse” Is Live on Stage at Proctor’s, Jan. 15-19 [Berkshire on Stage]

Albert and Joey  (photo: Brinkhoff/Mögenburg.
Albert and Joey (photo: Brinkhoff/Mögenburg)

War Horse is a stunning play about the pure love and loyalty of a lad for his horse in a time when the unspeakable horrors of war are unleashed on the world. This edition of the play won five Tony Awards during its record-breaking run at Lincoln Center in New York, and this is the national production that was born from it, on stage for only eight performances, January 15-19 at Proctors in Schenectady.

With a special kind of theatrical magic, War Horse puts live actors on stage alongside spectacular, beautifully-designed horse puppets to tell the epic story of Joey, a farm horse that is sold into the cavalry in World War I. Albert, the boy who trained and bonded with Joey on the farm, embarks on a treacherous journey to rescue the beloved animal from behind enemy lines.

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