LIVE: Maurizio @ The Ruck, 12/27/13


Blurb and video by Joel Patterson

Why are songs so powerful?

And answer another thing: is there anything more fragile than a favorite song by a singer you know who plays out in local bars? Aside from certain isotopes of uranium? Sometimes I feel there’s a whole secret history of this, of regional scenes and their homegrown heroes. We can figure that Simon & Garfunkel songs are eternal, common cultural touchstones we will have with us always. But what about the occasional work of neighborhood genius, for which Nippertown has been incredibly fertile ground? I should have a theory about this, but I don’t. If I had to guess, I’d think that the most enduring songs evoke primal patterns in our emotional nature. Tapping into this code, maybe that’s a widespread gift. And then, to state the obvious: to fall in love with a song, you first need to hear someone sing it. [Ed.’s note: Joel Patterson is on a crusade to have “Sugarcane” declared the official Nippertown natural anthem.]

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