LIVE: Anthony Prezio @ Caffe Lena, 10/30/13


Review & video by Joel Patterson

The joke going around last Wednesday’s Emerging Artist Breakout show at Caffe Lena was that these guys – Troy stalwarts Maurizio and Anthony Prezio – have been emerging forever. (Anthony first graced the Caffe’s stage back in 1971.) It’s a bittersweet joking that comes naturally after struggling for years and achieving, at best, a cult following. But cults – even small ones – only form around people with something to say.

Anthony is gifted with a rumbling, warbly vocal style and an effortless, eco-friendly piano technique that weaves together tender balladry with stompin’ blues.

On any given night, some random singer-songwriter somewhere is going to be the best, most emotionally riveting performer anywhere in the world. This isn’t like prize fighting. Quite the opposite, it’s about opening yourself up emotionally and baring all the hurts and confusions that trouble your soul. That’s how you get the knockout.

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