“Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia” Finally Gets Berkshire Premiere at WFF, Nov. 2 [Berkshire on Stage]


by Larry Murray

Sometime after Mark Twain but long before the wackos of the tea party took the reins of political discourse in America, Gore Vidal stood out as a unique voice that often spoke truth to power. He was damned to hell, bashed as being gay, effete and rich. He saw the fatal flaw in the American psyche, an absence of historical memory. A disdain for intellectuals. The proclivity to cling to myth rather than truth. America’s cultural amnesia has only grown worse since his passing.

I loved how he was able to remove all the varnish from the truth and state it so clearly that it hurt those of us who just wanted good government. If he were alive today, the far right would have someone to hate even more than they hate President Obama. Back in the day, Vidal appeared on television to debate the Titanic William F. Buckley, Jr. in a night to remember as the last credible leader of America’s conservative movement hit his fatal iceberg.

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