LIVE: 18 Strings of Trouble @ the Hollow Bar + Kitchen, 10/22/13

18 Strings of Trouble: Herb Carter Jr., Justin Donahoe, Hans S. Dirwzuweit, JC Woods and Mark Tritico
18 Strings of Trouble: Herb Carter Jr., Justin Donahoe, Hans S. Dirwzuweit, JC
Woods and Mark Tritico

Story and photograph by Wanda Callagy

A cancer awareness benefit at the Hollow Bar + Kitchen in Albany pulled in a sizable donation last week when 18 Strings of Trouble spent a few hours sharing their time and talent on stage to a crowd of about 300.

The duo of Herb Carter Jr. and Justin Donohoe were instrumental, so to speak, in getting the event off the ground, according to organizer Tom Maxwell. “We had decided at work to get together something to get the message out that early information and steps in simple prevention are a key when it comes to diagnosing and treating cancer symptoms. Recently co-workers and community members have undergone treatment for all kinds of cancer, from breast to prostrate. Cancer touches families, our neighbors.”

Folks from the New York State Informational Technology System and local business owners stopped by the benefit concert, and the St. Jude’s Hospital for Children will receive the donations for their programs.

“Justin and Herb were gracious to be part of this when we decided we wanted to get some literature and facts out there,” added Maxwell. “The Hollow donated the room, and the emphasis was to get the word out there that family history, early detection, and just taking care of oneself, doing a few simple things, is important.”

On stage Carter and Donohoe were joined by drummer Mark Tritico and bassist Hans Dirzuweit, with guests JC Woods, Donna Marie Floyd Tritico, Lou DeMarco and others adding their Laurel Canyon sound.

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  1. Herb says

    This was both a lot of fun and personal for me as I lost my wife to lung cancer a little over 4 years ago and music played a huge part in healing me after her passing so to be able to give a little something back was a pleasure.

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