Other Voices, Other Rooms…


From Upstate Live: Pete Mason interviews Howe Glassman about the impending demise of Valentine’s and his plans for his new nightclub venture on Albany’s Central Avenue…

From The New York Times: Ben Sisario writes about the magic of Caffe Lena as “a landmark outpost of folk music in America.” You can also see a selection of eight Caffe Lena photos – from Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan to the Figgs – snapped by photographers Joe Alper and Joseph Deuel.

From the Onion: Yup, Proctors in Schenectady hits a highwater mark, earning a shout-out from the fine folks at the Onion, thanks to “ChicagoTheBand.com Most Visited Site on the Internet”

From Hudson Valley Magazine: Cynthia James interviews former Albany singer-songwriter Stephen Clair about his new album, Love Makes Us Weird, his video of the same title and his life in Beacon.

From USA Today’s Pop Candy: Whitney Matheson gives a shout-out to John Brodeur’s newest new album, The Last Hour: A Lo-Fi Tribute to Elliott Smith.

From Austin Music Source: Former Albany music writer Michael Corcoran singles out Phantogram’s Saturday night concert as Top Pick on the Texas capital’s music scene.

From Better Out Than In: Even if you haven’t been down to NYC lately, you can still keep up with “Better Out Than In,” the ingenious daily activities of Banksy’s month-long residency on the streets of New York…

From Collected Stories: Reyna Eisenstark offers a selection of Songs That Were Inadvertently Ruined For Me.

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