LIVE (Sort Of): Lumpen Proles @ Scumfest II, 9/1/13


Video by Thomas D. Lindsay

Lumpen Proles’ “It’s Not the Same”: Video footage filmed at Scumfest II in Berne on Sunday, September 1; audio from the “lost” Proles album…

GO HERE for the actual audio from Lumpen Proles’ performance of “It’s Not the Same” at Scumfest II…

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  1. Paul says

    Way past time that the “lost” Proles album saw the full release it deserves

  2. Rob Paley says

    I would like to thank Scot, Josh and Bill for playing yet another scum festival. I was completely impressed and blown away w/ how well the guys played off of each other. The video is great. I must admit I am a bit jealous of Josh’s Rouge McCartney bass!

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