LIVE: Scotty Mac Meets Mark Emanatian @ Smokin’ Joe’s Barbecue, 6/22/13


Scotty Mac meets Mark Emanation

Photographs by Dan Hogan

Yeah, it was pretty darned hot out there in the parking lot during the mid-afternoon concert at Smokin’ Joe’s in East Greenbush, but it wasn’t as hot as the music. Two of Nippertown’s finest blues guitarslingers – Scotty Mac and Mark Emanatian – joined forces with a crack rhythm section featuring drummer Charlie Clifford and bass man Tom Dolan.

Heck, the band didn’t even have a name…

Scotty Mac
Scotty Mac
Mark Emanation
Mark Emanatian
Tom Dolan
Tom Dolan
Charlie Clifford
Charlie Clifford
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  1. wanda callagy says

    Nice photos, good review, fun musicians. Reading it makes me sorry I missed the event. Good venue, also…thanks! w

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