ART: George Guarino’s “Pick a Point in a Picture” @ Uncommon Grounds


Works by George Guarino @ Uncommon Grounds

Story and photographs by Wanda Callagy

One does not have to believe in the art of hypnosis to be mesmerized by George Guarino’s photography exhibition, “Pick a Point in a Picture: New Mind Model Works,” which is on view at Uncommon Grounds in Albany through the end of June.

Not everyone will see these surrealistic photos in the same way, shot with Guarino’s simple Canon point and shoot camera. Each of the 30 digital photo collages is a composite of three different images – the left side representing the conscious mind (with its plans, lists and decisions); the center section delves into the subconscious mind (with its patterns, habits and belief system); and to the right-hand side is the unconscious mind (regulating our existence with our heart and breathing patterns).

Mostly, what Guarino would like the viewer to do is to get comfortable, and find a spot in one photograph, and allow oneself to relax, and sink into it. Find that small spot of peace.

Moving forward is also part of Guarino’s wish with this exhibit. He hopes to get feedback as he moves his collection on.

“I would enjoy hearing comments from everyone,” he said. “I would be curious what a routine customer, one who comes in here to get some great smelling coffee and bagels each morning, thinks of my work. I wonder if someone comes in to look at one, or if they look at several of them.”

Guarino started with sketches, many circular in pattern, appearing to be the life-line circles seen in the cross-section of a tree trunk. Then, he puts together images of different objects that may or may not trigger a feeling. As he states, the objects themselves don’t matter.

“It is all about allowing yourself to take that moment, and letting a feeling, perhaps, flow through you. Without trying, you may come up with an answer to a question. Taking that moment to go inside… Well, it leaves you feeling wonderful.”

George Gaurino’s “Pick a Point in a Picture: New Mind Model Works” is on exhibit through the end of June at Uncommon Grounds, located at 1235 Western Avenue in Albany. Guarino will offer a short, informal presentation about his works at 7pm on Friday, June 28.

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Works by George Guarino @ Uncommon Grounds

Works by George Guarino @ Uncommon Grounds

Works by George Guarino @ Uncommon Grounds

George Guarino
George Guarino
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