Other Voices, Other Rooms…


From Buzzfeed: Maria Sherman’s “26 Signs You Were A College Radio DJ” – including a shout-out to Troy’s WRPI-FM…

From Keep Albany Boring: KC gives you the lowdown on this weekend’s lecture and workshop by scientist/survivalist Guy McPherson at Basilica Hudson in Hudson.

From All Over Albany: A story about the Albany Historic Foundation’s plans to hand St. Joseph’s Church – the site of the annual Restoration Festival (aka Rest Fest) fundraisers for the building’s preservation – back to the City of Albany…

From the Rogovoy Report: Seth Rogovoy previews the new Hudson area all-star band the Faux Meek, who make their debut at Club Helsinki on Saturday (May 18) opening for David Jacobs-Strain. What do they sound like? As Rogovoy reports, “Think the Velvet Underground meets the Grateful Dead at a Cocteau Twins concert.”

From Saratoga Wire: Thomas Dimopoulos has a round-up of events for the Saratoga 150 Festival, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Saratoga Race Track.

From New York: The magazine’s travel writer Michael Alan Connelly raves about Saratoga Springs – especially its culinary and cultural options.

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