Autobiography: From the Start


From superstar to star to wannabe; from semi-celebrity to pseudo-celebrity to the guy who used to be Michael Jordan’s caddy, it seems as though everybody’s got a story to tell. Yes, you wouldn’t believe some of the people who have written their autobiography. And got it published, too. Or who knows? Maybe you would…

These are the opening lines of the autobiography of a pop culture figure. Do you know who is it?

“Florida sticks out like a sore thumb. Long before the 2000 election debacle, anthrax, and endless other anomalies, the Sunshine State jutted out from the mainland like a UFO landing strip, welcoming all aliens into its orange groves and shopping malls with open arms. Being born in Florida carries with it certain responsibilities. Most important, an embracing of both astronaut and outcast, sunshine and storm warnings, Disney characters and drug lords…

The state always seemed like an outpost to me – far removed from the media centers of New York and Hollywood. Except for news coverage of the occasional hurricane, and the arrests of rock icons like Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin, my state was far from the media mainstream. Tamps, my hometown, in particular, was not best known for its nightlife, either. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards memorialized the pursuit of pleasure in the Tampa Bay area in the title of the anthem they wrote there: ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.'”

We’ll reveal the answer on Wednesday…

UPDATE: GO HERE for the answer…

  1. TL says

    Richard Barone

  2. Rick Reuben says

    Marilyn Manson

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