HOT READS: Nippertown’s Top 10 Stories of the Week


Yes, yes, we know…

We’ve heard all of the complaints that some of you simply don’t have the time to read all of the news as fast as we write it.

So for the casual once-or-twice-a-week reader, here’s a summary of the Top 10 most-viewed stories from Nippertown in the past week:

1. Bands Announced for Albany’s Art On Lark (by Staff, Andrzej Pilarczyk)

2. LIVE: Silver Chicken @ the Parting Glass, 5/4/13 (by Greg Haymes, Brian Mulkerne)

3. Bands Announced for SPAC Battle of the Bands! Let the Voting Begin… (by Staff)

4. What the Cluck?!? Silver Chicken Is Back? Oh Yeah! (by Greg Haymes)

5. Comin’ Soon: New Concert Announcements (by Staff, Andrzej Pilarczyk)

6. LIVE: Schenectady JAM Concert @ Proctors’ Robb Alley, 4/14/13 (by Rudy Lu)

7. LIVE: Warm Soda @ Valentine’s Music Hall, 3/30/13 (by Kirsten Ferguson)

8. INTERVIEW: Pete Seeger Showed Dylan What Was Blowin’ in the Wind (by Don Wilcock, Thomas Lindsay)

9. Albany Tulip Festival: Complete Line-up of Bands (by Staff)

10. (tie) Hump Day Unusual Moment (Definitely NSFW) (by Staff)

Downtown Albany Blues Contest Winners Announced (by Staff, Dan Hogan)

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