Joan Rivers Live at the Colonial Theatre May 10 with Tom Judson, Brad Zimmerman

Joan Rivers
Joan Rivers

Story by Larry Murray

Living legends are my passion. I’d go out of my way to see the tart-tongued comedian Joan Rivers even as I would go equally far to avoid her pal Donald Trump, the king of the comb-overs. Diva Rivers is coming to the Berkshires even as (I hope) Trump remains in his Rhinestone Tower in NYC.

If we had dueling expletives, Joan Rivers is the one celebrity that could hold a candle to Olympia Dukakis, especially since the release of the new Dukakis film Cloudburst. See the clips here to see what I mean.

Though The Donald once commented to Joan that “My trained eye tells me that since 1982 you’ve been condemned from the waist down – and like most dilapidated structures, you haven’t been entered in decades!”

Yes, this kind of hilarious tale of mouths flapping is coming to the Berkshire’s refined red and gold masterpiece of a theatre, the Colonial in Pittsfield. And if you are part of the LGBT community and its allies, you know that this is the one night that there will be enough dish for everyone. With leftovers.

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