Mike Gordon: Live at The Egg


Mike Gordon: Live at The Egg
Back on December 11, 2011, Phish bassist Mike Gordon brought his other band to The Egg in Albany, which earned major kudos among jam-band scenesters. Now Gordon is offering an audio recording of the show in digital format, as well as a limited-edition 3-CD set, The Egg. It has been fully remixed from the band’s multi-tracks and mastered for release, available at Phish Dry Goods and Mike’s online store

The band’s line-up features Gordon on bass, as well as Scott Murawski on guitar, Craig Myers on percussion, Tom Cleary on keyboards and drummer Todd Isler.

The CD sets are expected to ship this week with deluxe packaging that includes a custom round tin with three discs tucked away inside a custom “Egg” cotton stash bag. In addition to the complete Egg concert – including the Dude of Life sitting in for “Suzy Greenberg” – the 3-CD set also features three bonus tracks recorded during the group’s March 26th, 2011 show at Higher Ground in Burlington.

Here’s the track listing for Mike Gordon: The Egg:

1. Horizon Line
2. Only A Dream
3. I’m Deranged >
4. The Way It Goes
5. Just A Rose >
6. Voices

1. River Niger
2. Don’t Do It
3. Horizon Line
4. Funky Bitch
5. Sugar Shack
6. Hand In My Pocket
7. Dig Further Down
8. Crumblin’ Bones

1. Skin It Back >
2. Hap Nappy
3. Won’t Get Fooled Again
4. Suzy Greenberg
5. Filler: Mound (3/26/2011 Burlington, VT)
6. Filler: Got Away (3/26/2011 Burlington, VT)
7. Filler: Black Tambourine (3/26/2011 Burlington, VT)

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