LIVE: The Mowgli’s & the Lucky Jukebox Brigade @ Vapor, 4/2/13


Videos by Timothy Reidy

In support of their EP Love’s Not Dead, southern California band the Mowgli’s eased on into Vapor in Saratoga Springs on Tuesday, April 2, headlining the latest installment of the admission free WEQX/Miller Lite Concert Series. Local 518 faves The Lucky Jukebox Brigade opened the show with their own unique brand of musical charm.

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  1. OswegoMatt says

    I went because it was free and I was on vacation. I enjoyed LJB very much. The Mowglis I thought were a mix of Sugar Ray, Soul Asylum, B-52’s, and Hanson. The finished product I thought was good quality pop music that was fun to dance to while drinking a couple of beers. I have seen a few shows at Vapor and think it’s a great venue for live music. Blues Traveler was great there a couple of years ago. The buffet did the trick before the show too. I hope more quality bands get booked for this room.

  2. Tim says

    I agree with Oswego Matt. Vapor does want to do more of these shows, so hope we get more.

  3. Disco Eddie says

    A so-so venue

    But the part part is having to walk thru that freak show of 90yo’s punching away their So Sec $$ at the slots. I’m still having night mares.

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