Is It Neurons Firing or Is It the Art? Alva Noë Explores Perceptions at EMPAC [Berkshire on Stage]

Alva Noë (Photo: KUG/Wenzel)
Alva Noë (Photo: KUG/Wenzel)

Why do so many people love art? And what, exactly, comprises art? It’s a question often proffered by cable channels as fodder to fill the spaces between commercials, barely scratching the actual topic’s depth. Thinking deeply about art and how we humans experience it helps us understand a lot of things about ourselves, our lives, our cosmos.

Once again EMPAC at RPI gives us a rare chance to get deep into the subject, exploring new ways of thinking. Coming up is a chance to hear one of the leading experts on the nature of visual consciousness whose talk will allow us to reconsider art and its place in our lives. In this lecture, Alva Noë, a leading figure in cognitive science, will argue that art is philosophical and philosophy is aesthetic. Against this background, new possibilities are presented for understanding what it is to be a person, questioning if our experience of the world stems from the firing of neurons in our brains or from our interactions with our surroundings…

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