Helen Reddy, What Do You Listen to When You Clean the House?

Helen Reddy
Helen Reddy

“Oh, you are a funny person. First of all, I don’t clean the house. And second of all, I don’t listen to music when I’m at home. Isn’t that weird? Probably because I’ve always got music in my head, and anyone I’ve ever slept with tells me that I have one foot that keeps time all night long.”

Queen of ’70s pop radio Helen Reddy steps into the spotlight at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall in Troy at 8pm on Thursday evening (March 21). Tickets are $28 & $36. Hear her roar…

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  1. capgirl says

    Well, this was not on my list of shows to get to – and I’m still not going to go, but after reading this, (silly person) I totally love you Helen Reddy!!!

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