Gutsy, Athletic LeeSaar Dance Explores Emotional Toll of Militarization at Mass MoCA Feb. 9 [Berkshire on Stage]


By Larry Murray

North Adams, MA:> Praised by The New York Times as “a gutsy, brainy modern-dance troupe,” LeeSaar The Company challenges the boundaries of modern dance and creative theatricality. The group presents a powerful new dance work, grass and jackals, in MASS MoCA’s Hunter Center on Friday, February 8, at 8 PM. The LeeSaar oeuvre is highly theatrical, and grass and jackals is no exception. The piece emerged from four years of research exploring how to translate the extreme conditions of military life to the stage.

Pushing the physical and emotional boundaries of both performers and viewers, grass and jackals moves from one climax to the next, featuring music that creates an atmosphere of an unknown terrain. The climaxes are alternately silent, violent, intimate, wild, lonely, and exposed, showcasing the dancers’ extraordinary performance abilities. The New Yorker praises LeeSaar’s “emotional nakedness, free-associative logic, and frank sensuality” and describes the choreography as “inventive and arresting.” An accompanying light spectacle designed by Batsheva Dance Company designer Avi Yona Bueno transports audiences into a world of shadow and light, of wilderness and home.

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