FILM: “Hyde Park on Hudson” – America’s Safety Net President as Sexual Predator [Berkshire on Stage]


by Larry Murray

It seems that there is a vendetta against Franklin Deleano Roosevelt. The 32nd President was in office longer than any other, and faced down massive unemployment, the great depression, Hirohito and Hitler. But he also is responsible for putting together the basic social safety net to save people from the horrors of the great depression, things like unemployment compensation, FDIC bank insurance and regulations, and social security.

For more than 70 years the Republicans have been trying to undo these mechanisms, and this film is part of that battle. It embroiders history by portraying FDR (Bill Murray) as just another presidential womanizer who liked his martinis a bit too much. Better titled Handjob on Hudson, the mud flies. Perhaps the aim is to discredit the leader as the Tea Party yahoos and radical right continue to attack his programs, this time claiming America faces a so-called fiscal cliff demanding their dismantling, another Republican bluff.

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