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Timbre Coup
Timbre Coup

Story by Pete Mason

Conspirator @ Upstate Concert Hall, Clifton Park, 4/26/12
I interviewed Marc Brownstein, bassist for the Disco Biscuits and Conspirator, before the show and talked for 30 minutes on electronic music, Camp Bisco in Mariaville, song history and the Disco Biscuits. The band room at UCH was a great setting to chat with Marc (also co-founder of HeadCount) with Chris De Cotis capturing some great pictures of the interview and show. The show was not my first time seeing Conspirator, but my eyes were opened to the band like never before.

Timbre Coup
Timbre Coup has been playing for more than three years and continues to put on stellar shows Every. Single. Time. Two notable things that Timbre Coup did this year stick out in particular. In February, the band held a month-long residency at Jillian’s (RIP) that led up to their release of Knuckles and Valleys, featuring 12 tracks – one for each month of the year. Then, the band played moe.down to one of the largest second stage crowds I’ve seen in all the moe.downs I’ve been to. A killer set and a solid fan base means that Timbre Coup is ready to pop and be the next big thing from Albany.

Eastbound Jesus: Holy SmokesBEST LOCAL ALBUM
Eastbound Jesus’ Holy Smokes

Camp Bisco @ Indian Lookout Country Club, Mariaville, 7/12-14/12
I’ve been to five Camp Biscos now, each one better than the last. I had the benefit of working at this festival as a volunteer and camping away from the ‘gen pop’ area, leading to a comfortable night of sleep in between the thumps of bass that pervade all EDM music. Seeing the Disco Biscuits, Skrillix, Zedd’s Dead, Former Champions and tons of new music, I got to hear the growing spectrum of this eclectic genre while avoiding the spunions, an athletic feat to do both at once. I’m looking forward to the twelfth installment in 2013.

Phish @ Saratoga Performing Arts Center, 7/8/12
This show was rated by many fans as one of the best of the First Leg of Summer Tour, but the moment that I heard the opening notes to ZZ Top’s “La Grange” (not to be confused with Phish’s “Julius”), my ears perked up, and I danced across the inside walkway from right to left. It was the first time they had played this song since September, 1999, and I loved every single moment of it! And the other 20 shows I went to, as well…

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