Here Are the 2013 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees…


Here are the inductess:

Public Enemy
Randy Newman
Albert King
Donna Summer

Here are the nominees who were not inducted:

The Marvelettes
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
The Meters
Procol Harum

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  1. JES says

    Kraftwerk were robbed . . .

  2. Shawn Stone says

    The judges (are they still the Dave Marsh Army? I don’t follow it anymore) should listen to the Marvelettes’ Sophisticated Soul album, and vote accordingly.

  3. Rick Reuben says

    While having Flavor Flav end up as a reality TV show joke, after his song “She Watched Channel Zero”, is strange, I’m glad to see PE get the nod.

    They made those first records on ridiculously simple equipment. And the production is sick.

    Who cares if Terminator X is now an ostrich farmer in the Carolinas? Those two records get you in the hall.

    The CIA see I ain’t kiddin!

  4. J Hunter says

    I’m with Rick. Every time PE comes round on my iPod, I jack the volume. And Donna Summer gets the nod before the Meters?!? Today must be Opposite day at the Hall! The only reason Donna Summer has anything to do with rock & roll is because Jeff “Skunk” Baxter” played guitar on “Hot Stuff”!

  5. Richard Brody says

    Do you think that they, whoever they are, will get around to nominating Richard Thompson? One of the all-time great guitar players, and a really good songwriter, who is still putting out really good records, and playing great shows.

  6. steve ward says

    The Bloated Wilson sisters over Gary Brooker, Robin Trower, and BJ Wilson
    F U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is a mullet mandatory??

  7. Fred says

    Yes, I’m very happy on the induction of Albert King–bravo, and long overdue! Yet Butterfield Blues Band and the Meters also deserve first ballot induction! Grievously, how is Doug Sahm not in the Hall of Fame? That’s one to debate, along with the absence of Hubert Sumlin. And I absolutely agree with Richard about RT, and would add the late Eddie Taylor as well.

  8. Richard Brody says

    Two more additions: This is not the hall of good or very good, it is the Hall of Fame and both nominees and inductees should reflect that. And I can’t be the only one. but how about a name change if they don’t want to limit inductees to rock n rollers and those who influenced its creation and/or development.

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