Hear the First-Ever Recorded Musical Performance @ Proctors Tonight


The recording industry has certainly come a long way.

iPod, compact disc, cassette, vinyl album, singles, 8-tracks, 78RPM records, wax cylinders…

Tonight at Proctors’ GE Theatre, you’ll have the opportunity to hear the oldest known recording of musical performance – a 23-second cornet solo – that was recorded on an Edison Tinfoil in St. Louis in 1878.

miSci – formerly known as the Schenectady Museum – will play the recording at 6:30pm tonight (Thursday, October 25) during a special presentation. The 78-second tinfoil also features a recitation of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and “Old Mother Hubbard.”

Attendees will learn the background of the object, how it fits into miSci’s collections, what its significance is in the timeline of larger technological innovations. The presentation will also explain the technological challenges faced in recovering the recording.

Tonight’s speakers will include John Schneiter (miSci Board of Directors) and Dr. Carl Haber (senior scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory).

Admission is free.

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