Festival Fever: Local Legends Live Re-Scheduled, 10/19/12


As you may recall, the Local Legends Live festival was originally slated to take place outdoors on the Empire State Plaza in Albany, on Saturday, September 8, but the entire event was cancelled due to the severe weather forecast – the same torrential storm that curtailed the Albany Riverfront Jazz Festival before any of the headliners made it to the stage.

Ah, but as it turns out, Local Legends Live wasn’t actually cancelled at all. It was merely postponed.

Local Legends Live has been re-scheduled for indoors at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center at 5pm on Friday, October 19. Mike Doughty is still signed on as the headliner, but there have been some changes in the schedule of the Local 518 bands.

Doors will open at 4:30pm, and, yes, admission is still FREE.

Here’s the line-up of bands for the fest:

5pm: Olivia Quillio
5:30pm: Happy Birthday Dr. Jim
6:20pm: Hard Soul
6:45pm: Catching Cadence
7:35pm: JB AKA Dirty Moses
8pm: John Brodeur & Charmboy
8:40pm: Museum Guards
9pm: Mike Doughty


Pittsfield CityJazz Festival @ various locations, Pittsfield, 10/4-13/12
Capital Area Indie Fest @ The Egg, Albany, 10/6/12

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  1. PK Miller says

    Glad it was able to be rescheduled and brought indoors, Some areas did get hard hit that afternoon if, in Albany itself, we just had very heavy rain for about 20 miniutes & drizzle rest of evening (I got caught in it!). A friend said they had torrential rain in their section of Bethlehem reminiscent of the hurricane last year! Her husband said they had more water in the backyard than their swimming pool!

    Both festivals should have been brought inside that morning. There were already forecasts of severe weather Friday evening–both Steves nailed it–Teeling & Caporizzo! Sometimes, the weatherman is RIGHT!!!! Better to err on side of caution. If it’s sunny, thats ok. One year, Mona Golub couldn’t win w/her series in Central Park’s Music Haven. If she moved to the rain site, it was sunny. If she kept it outside, it rained! Many of us cheerfully sat there in the rain enjoying Maura O’Connel 1 year!

    I am DELIGHTED the Museum Guards will be part of it. Wodered what they were doing & never think to check their wesbite (it’s why God invented Facebook, guys!!!) They’re real nice kids and have a good solid sound. If it’s not -10, I will even wear their t-shirt!!!!

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