The Name Game: Say Goodbye to the City Never Sleeps; Say Hello to Stellar Young

Stellar Young
Stellar Young

The City Never Sleeps is now known as Stellar Young.

The band revealed the name change on stage during their performance at the 31st annual LarkFest in Albany on Saturday (September 15).

With their first full-length album release on the horizon, the band felt that it was time to make some big

“The name change was one of the hardest decisions we’ve had to make,” said guitarist-vocalist Erik Flora, explaining that Stellar Young was selected in a very democratic fashion ally. Each of the five band members was given ballots with four possible new band names. (Sorry, Nippertown is not at liberty to divulge the non-selected band names at this time.)

“There were many reasons for the name change,” according the vocalist-keyboardist John Glenn. “The original member who made the name is no longer in the band; mispronouncing the old name; the list goes on…”

Stellar Young is slated to release their new album (the follow-up to their fine CD, “Madison”) later this fall. The band is currently slated to make their debut performance under their new name in concert at The Egg in Albany at the Capital Area Indie Fest on Friday Saturday, October 6.

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  1. John Glenn says

    You guys are awesome! Thank you for the write-up. Only thing is October 6 is a Saturday? Is there any way to edit that?

  2. Greg says

    Sorry ’bout that, John. Apparently, we were looking at the Mayan calendar instead of the Gregorian calendar. Or was it the other way around? Whatever… The change has been made and thanks for the proof-read.

  3. Wild Adriatic says

    Great musicians and better dudes! They could change their name to Poophouse and I would still buy the next record!

  4. John Glenn says

    Haha thank you for the edit.

    Poophouse was actually one of the undisclosed names on our ballots, glad to hear you guys would dig it

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