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From Hudson Sounds: Liz Friedman shared her inspiring 9/11 playlist of music both old and new in honor of this week’s 11th anniversary of that unforgettable day.

From The New York Times: We loved Amanda Palmer’s pre-tour warm-up concert at Bard College last week. But the question that Daniel J. Wakin asks is (and we’re paraphrasing here), “Shouldn’t the backing musicians (string and horn players) that she’s crowd-sourcing at each tour stop actually be compensated, rather than simply rewarded with free beer, merch and hugs?” Palmer has posted on the controversy on her own blog, as well. We’ll refrain from commenting, but note that when David Byrne played with her a few months back, she didn’t pay him either.

From All Over Albany: The video for artist-musician Ira Marcks (remember the Restys?) lovely new illustrated fairy tale/love story “The Longshoreman and the Snake.”

From Keep Albany Boring: Andrew’s interview with singer-songwriter-forager Sean Rowe just prior to his CD release party at Valentine’s Music Hall last weekend.

From the Free George: Monica Sirignano and Dave Bower write about the MYNE Kennel in Argyle, which is celebrating the eighth annual Responsible Dog Ownership Day from 1-4pm on Sunday (September 16) with a canine fest that features demonstrations, competitions, workshops, vendors, a parade and plenty of other pet-oriented activities. Dogs are welcome to bring along their people. Admission is free for all two- and four-legged attendees.

From The Berkshire Eagle: Jeremy D. Goodwin’s review of Bob Dylan’s concert at Mountain Park in Holyoke on Friday, September 7.

From WEXT-FM: Speaking of Mr. Dylan… in honor of the 50th anniversary of the release of Bob Dylan’s self-titled debut album (and his brand new album, “Tempest”) WEXT-FM spent Tuesday on the airwaves playing “The Bob Dylan 100” – the top 100 Bob Dylan songs of all time as voted on by listeners. Most interesting note on the list? “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35” – one of only two Dylan tunes to reach as high as the No. 2 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart – languished way down the list at #89.

From New Rhythm & Blues News: No, the sporadically published NRBQ newsletter is not online, but that won’t stop us here at Nippertown. We’re going to reveal the answers from bassist Pete Donnelly (yes, he’s also in the Figgs) to the questions posed in the “Are You Having Any Fun?” column of the summer 2012 issue: Favorite vegetable? Asparagus. Time Machine Dream Date? Diane Lane (as Cherry Valance). Song You Don’t Want to Hear Anymore? “Come a Little Bit Closer.” If you want to know how the rest of the guys in the band answered those insightful, relentlessly penetrating questions, just order $10 or more worth of merch from NRBQ, and you’ll get your own personal copy of New Rhythm & Blues News for free. (PS: Personally we prefer Diane Lane as Patty in “Rumble Fish,” although she is just fine in “The Outsiders,” as well…)

From Mickey Leigh’s Facebook page: Mickey Leigh – Joey Ramone’s brother, former guitarist of the Rattlers and author of the memoir, “I Slept With Joey Ramone” – shared a fab Flashback Foto from his book… Joey Ramone vacationing in Lake George, 1963.

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