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The Palace Theatre in Albany has announced that the theater is rolling out another season of classic movies on the big screen. From blockbusters to cult classics, the Palace will host screening of 15 films during its 2012-2013 season, beginning with “Casablanca” on Monday, September 24. Each of the screenings will be preceded by cartoons and classic film trailers.

Except where noted, tix for each film are $5; children $3. Or you can purchase a season pass to watch all 15 films for only $37.50. Tix are slated to go on sale to the general public at 10am on Friday (September 14).

Here’s the line-up of classic films coming to the Palace:

Monday, September 24, 7pm
1942, Rated PG
One of the finest examples of Hollywood-studio movie making of all time. Casablanca on the verge of World War II houses a motley cast of characters, all with skeletons in their closet: Humphrey Bogart’s elusive nightclub owner, Ingrid Bergman’s love-torn heroine, Paul Henreid’s heroic freedom fighter and Claude Rains as the ethically-challenged police chief all make this film the best romantic adventure ever.

Monday, October 15, 7pm
“The Rocky Horror Picture Show”
1975, Rated R
* Tix are $7
Don’t miss the Annual Rocky Horror Bash! Wear your best costume and come do “The Time Warp.” This kinky and outrageous musical spoof of classic horror films spawned the ultimate audience-participation cult following amid a million midnight screenings. Rock music, kinky sex and wild comedy all come together in the story of a straight couple (Susan Sarandon & Barry Bostwick) stranded in a spooky old house filled with strange people from Transylvania, all under the watchful, leering eye of Dr. Frank N. Furter (Tim Curry). Music & lyrics by Richard O’Brien.

Monday, October 29, 7pm
“Singin’ in the Rain”
1952, not rated
Widely considered to be the best movie musical of all time. Set in Hollywood during the shaky transition from silent to talking pictures, the score includes such gems as “Make ‘Em Laugh,” “Moses Supposes” and, of course, the title number. Starring Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor.

Monday, November 26, 7pm
3 Stooges Film Festival
Various years, not rated
The original knuckleheads return to the Palace as we once again present the best of Moe, Larry and Curly (and sometimes Shemp) in six of their funniest short films that will have you rolling in the aisles with laughter. Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck…

Monday, December 17, 7pm
“A Christmas Story”
1983, Rated PG
A Christmas present for the child in all of us. Already a beloved holiday classic, humorist Jean Shepherd’s memoir of 1940’s life comes alive in the tale of a young boy’s (Peter Billingsley) desperate craving for a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas. Rich in period flavor and details, this film is wonderful fun for the whole family.

Friday, December 21, 7pm
“It’s a Wonderful Life”
1946, not rated
An annual holiday tradition at the Palace Theatre. It’s hard to believe that this timeless classic wasn’t a hit when it was first released. Frank Capra’s sentimental fantasy of a small town businessman (James Stewart), follows him as he tries to do the right thing, thinks he’s failed, tries to commit suicide, but is ultimately saved by a guardian angel who shows him what life would’ve been like without him. A perfect cast, a perfect film…

Wednesday, December 26, 3pm
“Bedknobs and Broomsticks”
1971, Rated G
Walt Disney’s musical fantasy about an amateur witch who helps the British cause during World War II is a classic example of Disney’s mixing live action and Oscar-winning special effects. Featuring delightful animated cartoon sequences directed by Ward Kimball and starring Angela Lansbury, David Tomlinson, Reginald Owen and Roddy McDowall.

Monday, January 14, 7pm
“The Sound of Music”
1965, Rated G
The blockbuster Rodgers & Hammerstein musical based on Austria’s real life Von Trapp family, who fled their home in 1938 to escape from Nazi rule. This Oscar winning classic features lovely music, beautiful scenery and wonderful performances by Julie Andrews and the cast of young actors portraying the Von Trapp children.

Monday, January 28, 7pm
“The Graduate”
1967, Rated PG
Landmark film of the late 1960’s that¹s still just as pungent and funny ­as ever. Dustin Hoffman, in his first major film role, plays an ultra-naïve college grad who’s seduced by a middle aged woman, played to perfection by Anne Bancroft. Featuring a perfect song score by Simon & Garfunkel, this film is a must see!

Monday, February 4, 7pm
“The Wiz”
1978, Rated G
The film version of the popular Broadway musical that retells the events of L. Frank Baum’s classic novel “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” through the eyes of a young African-American kindergarten teacher who’s “never been below 125th Street.” Leaving a large family dinner to chase her dog into a snowstorm, Dorothy (Diana Ross) is swept up by a cyclone and transplanted to the land of Oz. Music arranged and conducted by Quincy Jones and featuring Michael Jackson, Nipsey Russell, Lena Horne & Richard Pryor.

Monday, February 25, 7pm
“The Princess Bride”
1987, Rated PG
A delightfully post-modern fairy tale, “The Princess Bride” is a deft, intelligent mix of swashbuckling, romance and comedy that takes an age-old damsel-in-distress story and makes it fresh. Starring Cary Elwes, Mandy Patinkin and Andre the Giant along with a hilarious cameo by Billy Crystal.

Monday, March 4, 7pm
“The Last Waltz”
1978, Rated PG
Directed by Martin Scorsese, this wonderful documentary features the Band’s Thanksgiving, 1976, farewell concert filmed by state of the art Hollywood talent. With special guest performances by Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Eric Clapton, Neil Diamond, Dr. John, Ringo Starr, Ron Wood, Emmylou Harris and many more­ this film stands on its own as one of the greatest rock concerts ever captured on film.

Monday, March 25, 7pm
“The Big Lebowski”
1998, Rated R
From Oscar-winning Coen Brothers (“Fargo,” “No Country for Old Men”) comes this quirky comedy-thriller about bowling, a kidnapping plot, White Russians, nihilists and a guy named… the Dude. Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski (Jeff Bridges) doesn’t want any drama in his life but in a case of mistaken identity, a couple of thugs break into his place and steal his rug (you gotta understand, that rug really tied the room together). Now, the Dude must embark on a quest with his crazy friends to make things right and get that rug back. Co-starring John Goodman, Julianne Moore, Steve Buscemi, John Turturro and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Monday, April 29, 7pm
“The Magnificent Seven”
1960, not rated
This enduringly popular western remake of Kurosawa’s classic “The Seven Samurai” features a stellar cast (Yul Brynner, Charles Bronson, Steve McQueen, Horst Buchholz, Robert Vaughn, James Coburn & Brad Dexter) in this tale of paid mercenary gunslingers hired to protect a Mexican farming village from an invasion of bandits.

Monday, May 20, 7pm
1975, Rated PG
Hold on to your seats! Steven Spielberg’s ultimate fish story comes to the Palace just in time to keep you out of the water all summer long. Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw star in tale of a coastal New England tourist beach being terrorized by a renegade great white shark.

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