HOT READS: Nippertown’s Top 10 Stories of the Week


Yes, we know…

We’ve heard complaints that some of you just don’t have the time to read as fast as we write it.

So for the casual reader, here’s a summary of the Top 10 most-viewed stories from Nippertown in the past week:

1. Win FREE TIX to the Saratoga Wine & Food and Fall Ferrari Festival This Weekend! (by Staff)

2. Comin’ Soon: New Concert Announcements (by Staff)

3. Bands Announced for Local Legends Live @ the Empire State Plaza, 9/8/12 (by Staff)

4. Festival Fever: BarrelFest @ the Barrel Saloon, 9/8/12 (by Staff)

5. Two New Shows Announced for The Egg (by Staff)

6. Win FREE TIX to Restoration Festival This Weekend! (by Staff)

7. New Concert at The Egg (by Staff)

8. Song o’ the Week: Ralph Stanley’s “White Light/White Heat” (by Staff)

9. NPR Plugs the Kamikaze Hearts Reunion at Rest Fest (by Staff)

10 (tie). Two MORE Festivals on Saturday in Woodstock… (by Staff)

10 (tie). LIVE: Sonny Landreth @ Club Helsinki, 8/3/12 (by Bokonon, Ed Conway)

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