Randy Harrison Interview: “We’re Bringing QWAN Back to the Berkshires Where it Was Born” [Berkshire on Stage]

The hilarious QWAN company brings its unique take on humor, films and popular culture to the Colonial Theatre for one night only, August 20 at 7:30. They will parody The Black Swan and Notes on a Scandal. Seeing the film first is not a requirement for being able to laugh along with the actors. (photo: Michael Hart)

Ideas are a lot like babies in that there is a moment in which they are conceived and born, followed by a long period of nurturing. The QWAN company – which hopes to have Berkshire audiences doubled over with laughter on Monday – is just such an idea. Conceived late at night in the Berkshires, it soon took root in New York City in a series of performances a year ago, and is now ready for the trip back home. I will be among the friends and neighbors who will turn out to share their pride and joy as they perform two satirical and campy parodies of pretentious films, Notes!!! and Swan!!!.

In trying to figure a way to explain just how entertainingly funny this group of talented actors is, we turned to the long time Berkshire Theatre Group regular, Randy Harrison, one of the six QWAN members who are making the trek to the Berkshires for their August 20 show at Pittsfield’s Colonial Theatre. “I understand that it’s a show that could make lots of folks in Provincetown wish they were in Pittsfield this week,” I offered. He laughed and agreed it was pretty over-the-top when it comes to things on stage.

People wonder what kind of a name is “QWAN” to give your baby; what does it mean? Turns out it’s a loose association of actors that was born during summers they spent at the Berkshire Theatre Festival which ended up simply being called QWAN, which is an acronym for “Quality Without a Name,” he explained.

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