LIVE: The Wood Brothers @ Putnam Den, 6/22/2012

Oliver Wood
Oliver Wood

Review and photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

While speaking to the audience after the first song, Oliver Wood, lead singer and guitarist of the Wood Brothers, implied how tiring it is for serious creative musicians to be “playing in bars.”

The meaning behind that was not a slight against the Putnam Den or its audience. It was simply a fact echoed time-and-again by many musicians because they find it difficult to be heard over the chatter and noise from the back of the room and the bar.

Luckily, this time out, this was not the case.

Several rows of seats were set up in front of the stage for those in the know and also those in-the-groove about the Wood Brothers live experience.

Their jam-band appearances may have brought in a larger part of the audience that night, but the serious fans were only too happy to sit up-close and watch them play, especially from the front seats.

The noise from the back of the room never interfered with their set, and, overall, there were smiles on the 400+ people gathered there to feast on their songs.

Many of the tunes in their lengthy set were culled from their recent, outstanding release, “Smoke Ring Halo.” The trio shared multi-instrumental duties between them when drummer Tyler Greenwell played a little mandolin and bassist-brother Chris Wood (of Medeski Martin & Wood) added some harmonica to the mix.

But the central focus that night remained throughout the night on Oliver Wood, filled with his raw energy on vocals and the roots-Americana stylings of his amplified acoustic guitar, who could want anything more?

To say the least, it was a great night out for both the band and the audience!

Chris and Oliver Wood
Chris and Oliver Wood
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