LIVE: Sirsy @ Freedom Park, 7/15/12

Sirsy (photo by Stanley Johnson)
Sirsy (photo by Stanley Johnson)

Review and photograph by Stanley Johnson
Additional photographs by Abigail Williams

Six-year-old Abigail Williams was excited about seeing Sirsy for the first time. She knew every song on their CD “Revolution,” often singing and dancing along with us in the kitchen.

I’m not sure why Sirsy has a strong following of young girls who otherwise are listening to Justin Bieber (also a favorite of Abigail), although it could have something to do with the occasional school-girl-styled outfits of Melanie Krahmer. But Abigail had never seen her or partner Rich Libutti before, so I’m pretty sure that it’s the music. She and several other young fans stood directly in front of Melanie’s drums.

Abigail listened attentively to the band play songs from all of their releases, including several that they promised would be on their forthcoming CD whenever it comes forth. She was particularly happy when they played “Revolution,” “Oh! Billy” and “Mary Concetta,” which she knew so well. We danced together when they played “Last Dance With Mary Jane” by Tom Petty and she recognized “Don’t Let Me Down” by the Beatles.

After watching me take some photos, she asked if she could take some. So, making sure the strap was around her neck, I let her use my camera. I’m not surprised she got some good pictures. She’ll be entering second grade in the fall, and she’s already fairly comfortable using my computer to play games.

I asked her if she liked the show, and she said yes and that it was great that only two people could make such a big sound. The band seems to have a following of all ages – including us older folks – and Freedom Park’s dance floor in front of the stage was a good place for the young to burn up a lot of energy so they could sleep well. Wearing her new Sirsy T shirt, Abigail was out before we got her home.

Melanie Krahmer (photo by Abigail Williams)
Melanie Krahmer (photo by Abigail Williams)
Rich Libutti (photo by Abigail Williams)
Rich Libutti (photo by Abigail Williams)
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  1. Richard Brody says

    Stanley – your review put a big smile on my face and there is a budding photographer – go Abigail!!

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