LIVE: Sarah Fimm @ the Bearsville Theater, 6/30/12

Sarah Fimm
Sarah Fimm

Review and photograph by Timothy Reidy

For me, this was really two shows in one. The first was an art exhibition featuring “Sparkle Park: Mirrors of Near Infinite Possibility,” Sarah Fimm’s art installation outside the Bearsville Theater with over 1,000 mirrors and plenty of solar lights. Folks were given 3D glasses, so the mirrors would sparkle even more. The park changed over the course of the evening, as the sun went down and the solar lights shined.

The second show was the music part. I was treated to a lounge duo, an electronic performance, a classic rock line-up and finally singer-songwriter-artist-pianist Sarah Fimm bringing everybody together. Among the many notable Woodstock musicians who participated in the performance were Joel Bluestein, David Baron, 
Danny Blume, 
Andrew Shober, 
Manuel Quintana
, Pete Caigan
, Peter Buettner, 
Jeffrey Barnes, 
Denise Parent

, Jeremy Bernstein and the Hooligans.

However, I was the one on stage, as the show in the theater was performed on the main floor, sort of in the round. While it made for some sound challenges in getting the balance right, it certainly provided a unique performance space.

The Hooligans gave a jam quality to their classic sound. Sarah Fimm brought along a cavalcade of stars also, performing various covers such as “Freedom” and “I Put a Spell on You,” as well as some of her own rocking works.

It was a very friendly show that capped off my long day well.

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