Wanna Be a Performance Artist?


C’mon, admit it – wouldn’t you like to add the title of “performance artist” to your life resume?

Italian artist Salvatore Scalora is seeking volunteers to participate in an art performance with him at 4:30pm on Sunday (July 15) at Art Omi in Ghent.

He’s looking for 49 participants, each of whom will be asked to stand in an individual three-foot-deep hole dug in the field, spaced to allow the participants to shake hands with other participants, thus forming a human network.

Performance art volunteers must be 16 years of age or older and U.S. citizens. You will be required to wear white clothing – which will be provided for you – and you will be asked to sing the national anthem. (We’re assuming that’s the American national anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner.”)

Taking place during Art Omi’s Open Weekend, the performance – titled “Regen All” – will begin at 4:30pm on Sunday, July 15 and will last for 30 minutes. The event will be documented by professional photographers, filmmakers and journalists.

According to Scalora, “The performance seeks to restore the logic and freedom of expression, through an environmental intervention whose aim is the awakening of consciousness in terms of a reflection on the present and a future that is increasingly uncertain.”

Those individuals interested in participating should write to the artist at s.scalora@yahoo.it or call 518-392-7611.

Each participant will receive a signed, limited edition photograph of the event.

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  1. Wendy McLaughlin says

    That sounds pretty cool! I might just participate!

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