LIVE: Janet Robin @ Caffe Lena, 5/9/12

Janet Robin @ Caffe Lena

“I hope that Sarah (Sarah Craig – the manager of Caffe Lena) won’t mind my heavy-metal-folk sound,” Janet Robin told the audience last month when she made a tour stop at the beloved Saratoga Springs coffeehouse.

No, Sarah didn’t mind…

Nor did Robin’s several dozen fans who showed up to hear some powerhouse guitar and in-your-face vocals at the most venerated folk club on earth.

And that’s the truth!

Where else on the planet do Ozzy Osborne and Bob Dylan – on any given night, in this galaxy, past or present – have anything in common but at Caffe Lena in the form of Janet Robin playing her heart out and rocking the Caffe’s foundation with each acoustic guitar strum?

With a resume that includes major label recording with her band Precious Metal, tutelage with the late Randy Rhoads (Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osborne) and an early 1990s stint in Lindsey Buckingham’s band, the bold Robin brought a new twist to the Caffe with a decidedly different take on the singer-songwriter genre.

In support of her latest CD release, “Everything has Changed,” produced by John Carter Cash and recorded at Cash Cabin in Tennessee, Robin may be on her way to a countrified acoustic and electric breakthrough in a whole new category that she solely created and plays…

Country Heavy Metal Folk!

Janet Robin @ Caffe Lena
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